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Board of Directors

The RBBA is only possible with the help and support of our Board of Directors.  These are the people who supervise the program and make sure issues get resolved.  Please feel free to contact any of our Board members if you have a question, comment, or concern. 

Harrison Meyers, President & Executive Director

Phone: (240) 565-5460


Vacant, Executive Vice President

Gunnar Gunnarsson, Secretary


Phil Meyers, Treasurer


Pete Lim, Director of Rules and Instruction

Michael Zuckman, Director of Personnel

Sean Timmons, Director of Internet Opperations

Gina Del Real, Director of Publicity

Vacant, Director of Sponsorship

Angela Meyers, Director of Snack Bar Operations

Phil Meyers, NYSCA Representative

Michael Watson, Equipment Manager

Anegla Meyers, Volunteer Coordinator (Interim)

David Kaminow, Legal Counsel

Derrick Thompson, City of Rockville Representative

Bob Brogan, Intramural Tournament Director

Hal Gangnath, Director of Division Play

Todd Owens, Instructional Division Director

Adam Leighton, Rookie Division Director

Trent Fowler, Pee Wee Division Director

Gary Mendelson, Midget Division Director

Gunnar Gunnarsson, Junior Division Director

Phil Meyers, Senior Division Director

Marci Gutmann, Softball Director

Russ Hamill, Director of Fall Baseball

John Flood, Director of Travel Baseball

Sophie Zuckman, Assoicate Director of Girls Baseball

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