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Recreational baseball is known to have a lower level of competitiveness than traveling baseball. Any players new to the sport that are considering joining a recreational team should be made aware of the following:

  • Rec baseball is very affordable if you are interested in joining the sport.
  • Playing time is guaranteed. Every player who registers will play equally regardless of ability.
  • No tryouts are necessary to join a team. Players are placed on teams based on schools.
  • There are minimal practice days and recurring weekly games, making it easier on the family schedule. 

The RBBA has six divisions for baseball

Most divisions play two games a week, once during the week and one on the weekend.

  • Ronald  Diehl Instructional Division
    • Grades 1 and 2
    • Games are typically played Friday and Saturday, or Sunday
    • Coach-fed Machine Pitch
  • Buddy Kinder Rookie Division
    • Grade 3
    • Games are typically played once during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and on Sundays
    • Kid pitch
  • Pee Wee Division
    • American League Grade 4
    • National League Grade 5
    • Games are typically played Tuesday or Thursday, and on the weekend.
  • Midget Division
    • American League Grade 6
    • National League Grade 7
    • Games are typically played Monday or Wednesday and on the weekends.
  • Junior Division
    • Grade 8 and 9
    • Games are typically played on Monday or Wednesday or Friday, and Saturday.
  • Senior Division
    • Grades 10, and players up to 18 as of April 30
    • Games are typically played on Tuesday or Thursday, and Sunday.