Game Protest Form

Protest Guidelines

  • A protest is an appeal by a teams head coach that a rule was misapplied by the umpire (excluding judgement calls), or the opposing head coach has failed to meet a rule (ex. playing time).
  • Alleging a protest is a serious action, and should only be done in good faith.  Frivolous protests, and protests made with malicious intent will not be tolerated, and are grounds for a conduct review.
  • Only rules in the division rules and league playing rules may be used as the basis for a protest.
  • The head coach making the protest must inform the umpire and lodge the protest at the time of the protest.
  • All protests must be accompanied by a $25 protest fee.  If the protest is upheld this fee will be returned, if the protest is overturned the fee will be used the RBBA to fund the program.
  • Due to the developmental nature of the Fall season, protests will not be accepted during the Fall season.

Protest Process

  1. Once a coach lodges a protest with the umpire, the coach has twenty four (24) hours during the regular season and twelve (12) during the postseason to complete the form on this page.
  2. Once this form is completed, the Director of Division Play will form a Protest Committee of three (3) or more people to review the merits of the protest.
  3. The Protest Committee will rule on the protest within seven (7) days during the regular season and twenty four (24) hours during the postseason.
  4. Protest Committee decisions may not be appealed.

For full information on the process of protests please view the League Rules and Guidelines, Article VI, Section A.

Protest Resources

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