File a Conduct Report

Conduct Committee Members

Harrison Meyers; Chairman

Michael Zuckman;Vice Chair

Open Position

David Kaminow; Association Counsel

Conduct Report Guidelines

  • This form may be used to file a report about a person who has acted in a manor contrary to the beliefs of the RBBA.
  • Any individual who is a part of the RBBA (ex. parent, player, umpire, coach, etc.) can be the subject of the conduct report.
  • Filing a conduct report is a serious thing, and should not be done without good faith.
  • Frivolous reports, or making a report in bad faith or with malice, can be basis for a conduct review of the person who submitted the malicious report.
  • All reports are reviewed by the Conduct Committee and all are taken seriously.

Conduct Report Process

  1. Upon the submission of a Conduct Report, the Chairman of the Conduct Committee will review the report and open a case file.
  2. This case file will then be shared with the other members of the Conduct Committee for further investigation.
  3. If the report requires further action, the Conduct Committee will meet and take appropriate action.


Conduct Resources